Robert D. Stacey was born in the prairies, more accustomed to a sea of prairie grass than crashing waves. His father – businessman, entrepreneur and part time artist – packed up the family and made for the West Coast in the early 1960’s. Robert – aged 13 – found himself surrounded by tall mountains and powerful seas; it was love at first sight and he felt one with it.

At age 18, Robert began working as a commercial diver until a diving accident laid him up for several months.

During his convalescence he kept replaying in his mind the stunning scenery he had witnessed as a diver. Inspired by the spirit of his father Don who had sadly passed away two years after settling his family – Robert opened the art case of oil paints and canvas previously owned by his father and his paternal Grandmother. His first painting was of a beautiful remote cove.

Once completed, Robert presented it to a local art gallery. The gallery manager loved the piece, featured it in her gallery and sold it the very next day. He made the decision to put his diving career on hold and at 21 years of age, began to paint full time.

  • Paints in oil on canvas or masonite panels.
  • Work can be found in many private and corporate collections around the world.
  • Originals, limited edition prints. art card and retail prints